To start…

To introduce myself- in the SCA, my name is Lady Victoria Alcon de Castile.  I love to study and recreate 16th century clothing, and wanted to start this blog to keep track of my projects, research, thoughts, and hopefully have some nice discussions with other costume enthusiasts as well.

At the beginning of this year, I wrote out a list of all of the sewing I wanted to do for both myself and my boyfriend (who is new to the SCA).  In no particular order:


  • New smocks (3 or 4)
  • Set of ruffs (possible 2)
  • Coif
  • Farthingale
  • Fitted kirtle
  • Canvas bodied petticoat
  • Late Elizabethan/early Jacobean waistcoat
  • Couple of new doublets, higher class and middle class
  • Pearled kirtle for my loose gown
  • 1560s French hood
  • Fitted English gown
  • Italian gowns (exact style TBD, got some fabric that’s still trying to decide what it wants to be when it grows up)
  • Italian bonnet
  • Winter coat/muff/something- found some amazing fake fur recently
  • Various accessories


  • Couple of new summer weight doublets
  • New pair of summer weight Venetians
  • Summer weight trunkhose and canions
  • Winter coat
  • Bonnet
  • Couple of new shirts
  • Set of ruffs
  • His “peacock” suit (he wants a Robert Dudley-type outfit with short trunkhose/slops – I know, I’m a lucky girl)
  • Pilgrim bag


Yowsers… better get started then!

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