Projects projects projects…

So the first few months of 2018 have seen a lot of sewing, across a lot of different projects.  I seem to work best when I have 10 different projects on the go at once.  Not a whole lot is finished yet, though I did get this English fitted gown done:

Mafia 2

All in all, I’m generally pleased with it.  I started with the Tudor Tailor pattern, though I had to make a ton of adjustments to it, and I’m still not quite pleased with the sleeves, and the collar is a bit low.  I need to check a couple of wrinkles showing in this picture as well, to see whether they’re just from moving around/etc or if something’s not sitting right.  Though there’s one big plus- pocketssss!!!!!

Also featured in this pic is the lovely beige suit I made a while back, and the recent Pelican cloak and cap of maintenance project.  It’s a really neat feeling to see other people in garb I’ve made.

I’ve also been drafting and making a tall hat to go over a riding helmet.  This will be fun- the pattern I’ve drafted actually works surprisingly well, I think, I was worried the overall look would be odd, due to the size of the helmet, but it works.  I think with a pleated cover, some sassy feathers, and some bling, this will look pretty snazzy:

Hat usable

I am also making a handsewn wool doublet.  Not a lot of good progress photos on this one, but here it is all laid out.  It’s meant to be a fairly lightweight option, so instead of canvas interlining I’ve gone with a lighter linen, with a bit of linen padstitched into the shoulders for shaping.


I’m also also working on some lightweight black wool trunkhose, but I don’t have any photos of those yet.  They look pretty promising though, so fingers crossed the final product is good.  They’re drafted from The Modern Maker vol 2.

And finally I’m handsewing a new court gown for myself, a 1560s Florentine sottana.  I won’t be posting photos of this one until it’s all done, since I want to photograph it with all of the accessories, etc.  But so far it’s coming along well- it also started from a kirtle bodice draft in the Modern Maker vol 2, with significant adjustments to give some chest support, and to change the shape from Spanish to Italian.

Also on the list in various stages of planning/production are a 15th c kirtle and Burgundian gown, a Tudor gown, a couple of new hats (including taking another crack at coming up with a decent French hood), some more linens, including a set of bands for L, L’s peacock suit, and and and….  😀


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