Projects, giant hats, and more

As seems to usually be the case for me, I’ve gotten a lot done, though not the projects I thought would get done.  😀

Way back when I was working on Duncan’s cloak, I was merrily stitching along when a nagging voice in the back of my head told me I should really doublecheck my measurements… sure enough, the chest measurement I had was too small by 8cm, meaning the cloak would fit over a shirt, but not over other layers of garb.  Bah.  So I started completely over on his coat, and thankfully got it done in time.

But, as luck would have it, that chest measurement was pretty much perfect for L to wear over his garb, so I’ve been working on finishing the coat for him.  It’s flatlined in linen for extra warmth and body, and 100% handstitched.


I also really wanted to improve my collar work, it was the one area of Duncan’s cloak I wasn’t happy with.  So I got to work on my padstitching, and ended up with a fairly sassy collar:

Except for the bottom lining, this coat is now done, so pics of the finished item when I get a chance.  I also made a pair of lightweight wool trunkhose for L that I am very very pleased with- adjusting commercial patterns never worked very well due to L being so tall, the rise was always wonky.  These were done using Mathew Gnagy’s new pattern manual book, and I am super happy with how they turned out.


Work also continues on the giant hat that will go over a riding helmet.  Getting it to the UK is going to be fun.  It’s a really big hat.

No… really…. it’s a *big* hat

I also finished my travel project, which was a 100% handsewn linen highnecked smock for myself.  My goal with this project was to both improve my linen sewing, and to try and get over my distaste for it.  Thankfully it was a success on both counts.  😀


Finally, I was asked to make a Laurel applique for an elevation for a friend in the UK- I’d never done applique before, but was happy to give it a try.  Thankfully I had some good green wool in my stash, so I looked at some various Laurel designs online, snipped some leaves and played around with the size and look, and then stitched them and edged them in gold to make hem pop a bit.  For a first time, I am pretty pleased with how it came out!

Laurel 2Laurel

Currently on the workbench are a 14th c bycocket, a new fitted kirtle for myself (testing the proper fitting/shaping, with better support and more accurate straps), and a 15th c kirtle… also working on plans for an early period coat for a friend along with some Venetian dresses, a Tudor gown, and a slashed fancy peacock suit for L, as I’m planning to start my Golden Egg project next year.

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