Elizabethan Men’s Suit Progress

Continuing to work on the new suit… that 30 June deadline for it to be ready in time for Coronation is rapidly approaching.  So, that enthusiasm I had for ‘ooh, trunkhose!  I’ve never made trunkhose before!’ has been slightly dampened by a combination of the most annoying trim ever to sew, and some pretty unhelpful pattern instructions.  I got the pattern to help speed things up as I didn’t really have time to draft things out, but now I’m thinking that might have been faster.

The panes have a cream braid trim down the middle, and the edges are bound in matching cream silk.  The braid was an absolute nightmare to sew as the weave is loose, so it’s a bit wobbly.  I have some more of this trim in different colours, so I’ll have to work on methods of sewing it straighter when time is less of an issue.

Here is one leg’s worth of the finished panes:

Edged Panes

The lining and interlining of the bag is cream silk, a light canvas layer, and a light linen layer.  The ends of the legs have been darted to help them puff out, as below:

Trunkhose Lining

I’ve started the process of gathering the lining and panes now- pictures of that once it’s been properly subdued.  😉  After that it’s time to attach the trunkhose to the foundation, line the foundation, add the waistband, sew in eyelets, and that should be about it.  Hoping I’ll have time to make a codpiece for the suit as well.

The doublet is coming along as well- though in true garb fashion, I had to undo and redo some work on it after I realised “hey!  This wobbly loose annoying trim needs to be on the doublet too!  Undo your side back seams and sleeve seams and add it there too!”  It does tie the suit together nicely though.

In addition, I’ve also added the eyelet lacing strip to the inside of the doublet.  Here’s a few photos of where the doublet stands now:

Doublet EyeletDoublet TrimTrimmed Sleeve


I’ve just added the silk facing to the buttonhole side of the doublet.  Next steps- bind the edges of the doublet, sew in the buttonholes (I’m doing them by hand), attach buttons, attach and finish sleeves, collar, and finish the waistband (I’ve not yet decided on a finishing for it, still toying with ideas here.)

Pfft- plenty of time till June 30th, right?

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